22 - 26.05.03

A manufacture of meat products (small sausages, sausage, etc.) using a replacement of natural spices with СО2-extracts of spice-tasty plants was carried out at the TMMI (Technology of Meat and Milk Industries) Chair of the Voronezh State Technological Academy. The extracts was made by Company. The work was accomplished by students, graduates and post-graduate students of the TMMI Chair under the leadership of Mrs. Tatiana Strukova (the TMMI Chair) in a laboratory of the Institute at a mini-plant using a non-standard equipment and a cutter of Duker company. When manufacturing, natural СО2-extracts of black pepper, pimento, nutmeg and clove were used. The rates of replacements were calculated based on the recommendations of Company regarding 5 kg of the forcemeat. The СО2-extracts were introduced into the cutter preliminary kneaded using phosphate. The tastings were carried out by all participants of the manufacturing in three stages:
- directly after cooking in a hot state - № 1,
- after cooling at the same day - № 2;
- in a few days - № 3.
The results of the tastings (the general conclusion of tasting participants):
№ 1: the taste of the spices is strongly pronounced, meat smell prevails and they have a strong taste, residual taste of the spices remains for a long time;
the smell of spices is shown but not strong, to a certain extent; the taste is still expressed very distinctly, one can reduce the rate of spices by 1/3; the residual taste of the spices remains for a long time and does not cause unpleasant sensations, the smell and taste of pure natural spices presents;
№ 3: in a few days the smell of the bouquet of spices is appreciable; the taste is also strongly pronounced. The smell and taste correspond to traditional sausage products; the residual taste is good.
The wishes, including individual ones, are as follows:
- one should carry out the filling of the spices at a final stage in order to keep the all aroma;
- to use more coriander;
- CO2-extracts attract by their purity and completeness of the bouquet and by smell and taste of the spices of the same name, by simplicity and multichoice of the technology; by a big shelf life with a constancy of the taste and smell;
CO2-extracts are promising to be used in the meat industry.

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