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Botanical name: Citrus hystrix
Family: Rutaceae
Other names: Papeda

The Kaffir Lime tree is a south-east Asian citrus plant whose aromatic leaves play an important role in Thai cuisine. They impart a unique flavour that has become synonymous with Thai cooking. Kaffir Lime leaves are used in many various dishes in the south-east Asian countries of Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia.

The leaves have a strong and clean lime/lemon fragrance and flavour which can not be easily substituted with other citrus products. They are most commonly used in soups, fish, chicken, laksa, salads, curries and stir-fries. Some well-known Thai dishes that use the Kaffir Lime Leaves are Tom Yum, a hot and sour soup, and sambel, a spicy sauce. The leaves have been used for centuries to preserve foods and make cooking dishes more appetising.

Thai women have been famous through the ages for their wonderfully silky and clean hair. Traditionally they use the juice of the Kaffir Lime to wash their hair which leaves it clean and smelling fresh. The acid of the juice tightens the hair cuticle and makes the hair silky smooth, and the natural fragrance of the juice leaves the hair smelling fresh and clean.

The dark green and glossy leaves of this tree grow in doubles and look like two separate leaves joined end to end. The tree itself is very thorny, making the hand-picking of the leaves a very slow process.

The fresh leaves have a shelf-life of 30 days, but can be kept frozen for many months - and there is no need to defrost, just use as normal. The leaves can be used whole or finely sliced or if required we can also provide the leaves dehumidified and finely milled which has a shelf-life of twelve months. Whole leaves are generally used as one would use bay leaves to flavour a broth or stew. So that their strong flavour is more evenly distributed the finely sliced or milled leaves should be added to salads, stir-fries and curries.

Our leaves are grown and hand-picked in a boutique plantation in northern New South Wales without the use of any chemicals insecticides or fungicides. This product is suitable for Vegans, Coeliacs, Lactovegetarians, and Ovo-Lacto-Vegetarians and does not contain any GM material.

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