Australian Bush Food


Botanical name: Tasmannia lanceolata
Family: Winteraceae

The Tasmannia lanceolata shrub grows in the cool wet alpine regions of Tasmania and is a member of the group of plants associated with the ancient super-continent Gondwana. It is a member of a family of plants associated with the ancient Gondwanan super-continent and members of this family are also found on New Caledonia, New Zealand and the Solomon islands, parts of Indonesia and from southern Mexico to Cape Horn.

The presence of the compound polygodial was first reported in extracts of the T. lanceolata in 1962. Polygodial is a hot tasting compound which results in an unusual fragrant, spicy taste and a 'bushy' rainforest feel. The leaf of the T. lanceolata contains a complex mixture of secondary products, notably terpene compounds. In particular, the active compound polygodial is present in high concentration in extracts of the leaf and is responsible for the hot taste for which the leaf is recognised.

An extract made from the leaf material of the T. lanceolata bush is available. This 'Concrete' is a very dark green material, viscous at room temperature and has a distinctive and exotic aroma, possessing fresh, spicy top notes overlying a peppery background. It has a hot and spicy flavour with the heat being conferred by the primary pungent principle, polygodial. The extraction procedure uses non chlorinated solvent extraction. This extract is very stable when stored in a closed Iightproof container below 10°C and is 100% natural without any additions of either artificial or nature identical substances. For more information on this product please contact SNP Natural Products Food Ingredients Division.

Mountain Pepper ground appears as an olive green leaf powder. It can be used as an Australian alternative to conventional pepper or as a flavouring in breads and pastry products as well as in butter, sauces and seasonings particularly in meat dishes and pasta sauces. Our Mountain Pepper ground is collected from "wild crafted shrubs' grown throughout remote locations in Tasmania without the use of pesticides or artificial fertilisers of any kind. This product has a shelf life of 12 months when stored below 20°C in original packaging away from bright light.

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