Laboratory scale liquid CO2-extraction plant

Laboratory scale liquid CO2-extraction plant is designed for performing experiments of CO2-extraction from solid raw material using liquefied gas in order to receive representative samples of CO2-extracts needed for study their compositions and properties, and testing them in relevant industry.  

The plant consists of a vessel for liquefied gas, a temperature-controlled extractor and miscella collectors. The extractor and the collector for a miscella are placed in a joint tank equipped with a quick-detachable hatch, observation glasses, a light bulb, a cooling coil (refrigerator) and a heating coil.  

Proposed laboratory liquid CO2 extraction plant allows assessing influence of temperature level, kind and grade of raw material crushing, process duration, speed and quantity of dissolvent feed, etc., on efficiency of the extraction.  

In the issue of appropriate handling of obtained experimental data, an opportunity to predetermine indexes of optimal operating practices for industrial processing vegetative raw materials is afforded.

Maximum Allowed Working pressure (MAWP)

100 Bar


Working pressure

30 - 70 bar


Working temperature

-10 – +30 С


Extractor capacity

400 ml


Electric power heating voltage

220 V



2800 x 1450 x 900 mm



80 kg


Liquid CO2 consumption for 1 extraction

2-2,5 kg


Duration for 1 extraction

1 - 2 hours



Laboratory scale liquid CO2 extraction plant:

1 – vessel for dissolvent; 2 – extractor; 3 – miscella collectors; 4 – tank; 5 – hatch; 6 - observation glasses; 7 - light bulb; 8 – jacket; 9 – platform; 10 – outlet tube; 11, 16 – pipes; 12 – filter; 13 – flowmeter; 14 – manometer; 15 – refrigerator unit.


The extractor contains an internal thermocouple meant for monitoring temperature of the extraction operation. There are two monitoring actions: heating by electrical power and cooling by refrigerator. The controlling system is installed in this module. 


The system is tested for 1 hour at up to 100 bar pressure point.


Two-day training in installation, operation and maintenance of the plant in Sydney.    

DDF (Australia) Pty. Ltd. guarantees quality operation of the controlling system and the plant itself in the process of extraction for one-year period and shall change any defective part except the parts that have to be changed normally.


Subcritical CO2 solid extraction plant......................................................... On Request

GST is not included 

This offer does not include shipping costs and traveling cost of your personnel to Sydney for
training. The price includes 3-night hotel accommodation for one technician in Sydney. 

Payment terms and conditions:
60% prepayment in order to start the project

40 % payment after completing two-day training by your technician in Sydney, testing the plant in our laboratory, and acknowledgment of its satisfactory operation.
Two-day training will take place in 4 months after the first installment.

The equipment will be prepared for shipment in 2 weeks after the second installment.

            Purchase offer validity:

            Equipment guarantee: 1 year


The equipment will be delivered in 20 weeks.

Laboratory scale

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