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Our company has designed, worked up and successfully operated a plant for extraction of precious elements from vegetative raw material by using fluid CO2 under critical conditions as a solvent.

Delicate low-temperature mode of subcritical extraction by liquefied carbon dioxide (CO2) occurs at the pressure of 6.5 - 7.0 MPa and the temperature of 10 - 25°C. This allows preserving most healthful substances in the extract - aroma, taste, vitamins and enzymes. No other existing method of extraction can achieve it.

CO2 extracts of spices and herbs represent sophisticated complex of natural substances: aldehydes, ketones, diglycerides, monoglycerides, sterols, phospholipids, tocopherols, terpenoids, esters, flavone aglycones, alcohols, organic acids, alkaloids, tannins, phenol compounds, glycosides plus a number of powerful natural preservatives and antioxidants. Besides, subcritical CO2 extracts are totally free of all the chemical solvents, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and heavy metals as they are not being involved in the extraction process.

Subcritical CO2 extracts are 100% natural and are very strong and effective biostimulants. What distinguishes them from other types of extracts is that subcritical СО2 extracts contain large amounts of physiologically active substances. These components include certain complementary groups that strengthen the effect of bioactive substances while prolonging their actions and protecting them from external harmful conditions.

Vegetative marcs remaining after extraction have particular interest. They can be processed further. They contain all health-giving water-soluble and alcohol-soluble elements that can be extracted easily because all cell membranes are already blasted by CO2-extraction. At this stage water or alcohol extraction takes just minutes. As a result, there are a number of healthful substances 3-5 times greater than when common methods of extraction are used. All those precious elements are remaining in natural undestroyed conditions. As a consequence of complex application of CO2-extraction and water-extraction there a maximum level of health-giving substances extraction is reached.

At present, subcritical CO2-extraction is most advanced method of extraction and will be remaining the same within the next ten years.

Subcritical CO2-extracts have been successfully used in cosmetics, pharmaceutics and food industry for more than thirty years (since 1970-s).

We are offering supplies of finished CO2-extraction plants for processing local vegetative raw material.

The plant presents itself as several extractors working by pairs. They are connected by pipes with other subsystems and tankage with liquefied carbon dioxide. There can be 8, 16, 24 and more extractors.

Plant productivity depends on type of raw material used for extraction. Our plants are built for the efficient extraction of quantities from 10 tons up to several dozens tons per year.

Cost of the plant depends on its productivity, number of extractors used, degree of automation and other supplementary elements. It can be from US$ 500,000.00 to US$ 5 000,000.00, and even higher.

Cost of any specific project can be taken into account when specification on ordered plant is worked out.

Also, we are able to work out technological process of the extraction for vegetative raw material grown in your local area.

We provide after-sale guarantee as well as after-guarantee service.

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