Buddhawood Subcritical CO2 extract


The aroma of buddha wood CO2 is soft, aged leather, mossy and faintly whiskey like. This follows with a rainbow of woods, all beautifully layered together resulting in a masterpiece balsamic woody bouquet and finishing with sweet caramel nuances.

Also known as desert rosewood and false sandalwood. This material is extracted from the heartwood of the tree and in natural perfumery it can be used as a general fixative, and for precious wood accords, incense perfumes, forest notes and sacred essences. Used by Aboriginals for infections, cuts and abrasions. Some of the major constituents are as follows, 21.5% eremophilone, 14.8% hydroxyl dihydroxy eremophilone and 33% hydroxyl eremophilone.


Buddhawood (Eremophila mitchelii) CO2 extract

The totally natural, amazing, exquisite and divine Australian Buddha-wood extract is produced by patented, innovative and environmentally friendly method of extraction.

It is excellent both to use alone and as an accompaniment to your daily moisturiser.

Buddha-wood extract is pleasantly aromatic and full of character.

Our Buddha-wood CO2 extract is an excellent and more powerful compared to Buddha-wood essential oil fixative to enhance the other fragrances. It has deep, exotic and romantic undertones, and, therefore, it is frequently used as a base note in perfumes and works well without overpowering other notes. If you are learning to make your own perfumes and looking for an element in the wood family that has excellent fixative and blending qualities then take a closer look at our Buddha-wood CO2 extract.

Its complex, soft, rich-deep, sweet, balsamic, precious woods bouquet with a delicate mossy-leathery-creamy undertone of good tenacity makes it popular as a perfect meditative product. The extract is extremely pleasing to the senses. It has an ability to increase mindfulness and lasting peace, to inspire grounding and to help you stay in the present moment and diminish stress. It is also used spiritually to cleanse and purify the air.  

Buddha-wood CO2 extract is also known as anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and a stimulant to the immune system. It is a helpful pain reliever as an analgesic for aching joints and sore muscles. Its antibacterial qualities allow treating cuts and sores.

Our extract is a known insecticide and repellent of very low toxicity. It is effective at repelling mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, bedbugs and even termites.

Buddha-wood CO2 extract aromatherapy use: anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, muscle and joint analgesic, relaxation, sedative, stress;

general use: home fragrance, meditation, cosmetics, skin care, bath and body lotions, creams, gels, massage oil blends, perfume, candles and soaps.

Ingredients: 100% pure Australian Buddhawood (Eremophilla mitchelli) extract

Suitable for all skin types

For external use only

Avoid contact with eyes

Should not ever be ingested

Keep out of reach of children

Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight

Shelf life is 3 years.


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